Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Or Happy Columbus Day on Monday October 11th, depending on where you live.  In celebration of our Canadian Thanksgiving and for those of you who will be celebrating Thanksgiving in November, I wanted to share a gift set perfect for that special hostess.
It is created with decorative paper napkins, decoupage medium of your choice, acrylic paint, wooden box, and chipboard or wood squares.  Simply paint the box and coasters with acrylic paint, add suede paper to the back of coasters and inside the box.  Working with only one ply of the paper napkin,  apply decoupage medium to the surface of the box/coaster, apply paper napkin.  Follow manufacturer's instructions for the particular product you are using.  For a finishing touch, edge the coasters with a gold leafing pen or gold acrylic paint.
I will be counting my blessings this Thanksgiving and look forward to sharing good food and special moments with my family. (yes and catching up on some of my creative deadlines as well)  All the best to you and yours!
Creatively Yours,