Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Creative Well

Frosty Iris Fold Decor
©Sharon M. Reinhart 2011
Thought I would share this iris folding project with you.  I am donating the framed decor piece along with a signed copy of Iris Folding for Christmas - my most recent book, to a CHA charity auction.  Although this book is filled with Christmas theme projects all you have to do is change up the papers and images and voila! an entirely new feel to the project.
Trio of Iris Folded Cards
©Sharon M. Reinhart 2011
Here are some of the same designs using different papers, ribbons and embellishments.  Sometimes we get into a mode where the creative well seems to be dry, a quick way to fill the well is to look at previously created projects.  Keep the basic design and use different papers and embellishments that way half of the job - the design part is already done.  Take a look back at some of your holiday cards and see if you can create possibly some Valentine's using the same basic design and valentine theme papers and supplies.  It also relieves some of the pressure we put upon ourselves and before you know it the creative well is once again filled to the top.
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