Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dimensional ideas for cards!

Card design ©Sharon M. Reinhart June 2011
Sorry for my absence, life was just going in many directions all at one time. All is good though. I would much rather be busy than the alternative. In celebration of my newest book release Tea Bag Folding Through the Seasons I am sharing a design which utilizes some beautiful papers from Yuemei® Eastern Arts Connection, Inc. I had the pleasure of visiting their booth at the winter CHA show in L.A., they have some very beautiful papers. The gold accents in this design are peel off stickers with a gold brad in the center of the medallion. Tea Bag Folding may look difficult but it really isn't, once you have the first fold completed you just repeat that 7 more times (in the case of this design) and then assemble. Keep posted as I am in the process of setting up a book signing and make and take at a local store. 
Did you get the latest release of the CardMaker Magazine newsletter? My newest edition went live on May 30th and it has inspiration on creating wedding and shower cards. This is a free newsletter that once you register it comes directly to your inbox. Kimber McGray and myself are the editors, I would encourage you take a look!  Until next time wishing you many creative adventures!
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