Thursday, July 5, 2012

Mini Canvas Decor

My apologies for being gone so long. I will have exciting news to share soon, that will explain my absence. In the meantime I thought I would share these mini canvases. I have these on display in my family room. So if you decide to create them, choose a color that compliments your decor or the recipient's decor. These were created with a stencil effect at the right and a rubber stamp at the left.  Some embossed metal (actually a pizza pan) that has been distressed with craft paint, word rubber stamps from magnetic poetry and some chipboard letters. They look better displayed in one row accordion style but for the photo I thought this worked. The canvas are approximately 5" square - I used kids canvases from Michaels with the drawings on them, jut paint over it! The stamp was an architectural style of stamp and further lines were created with the edge of an ink pad. Many of these techniques would work equally as well on cards and paper crafts. This was a fun project and at one time was being considered by a company for product development but alas that did not become a reality -- oh well, I still enjoy them in my home. Hope you do as well.

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