Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cousin Slide Bracelet Reveal!

In my last post, I spoke of waiting for a special package to arrive, well it did! I was one of a group of designers who were asked to review this new product - the Slide Bracelet. I have dabbled in jewelry making a little bit, but I am far from a professional jewelry maker. Thus this task of reviewing this new product line from Cousin had me curious, it was referred to us that "one did not have to be a jewelry maker in order to create a slide bracelet". Well, I must say it is totally true! I truly enjoyed putting my bracelet together and I will wear it with pride!
I chose to combine elements from two different sets. I do like having the ability to customize the bracelet.

As there is a rhinestone in the center of the flower, I chose to add a small rhinestone to the center of the outside metal slides, just to add a bit more bling. I think it turned out quite nicely! 
I encourage you to view this video for a great tutorial on how to put these bracelets together. Thanks to Liz and the Cousin company - I enjoyed working with this product and feel that I achieved success without any frustration at all!
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