Friday, November 27, 2015

Chrismtas Cards with Shimmer Sheetz!

As seen in the November 23rd CardMaker Update
Projects and article by Sharon M. Reinhart
Just want to invite you to head on over to CardMaker magazine to view my most recent update. It's is all about making Christmas cards using Shimmer Sheetz! This is a wonderful product that can be used with a variety of techniques. So if you are in need of some inspiration - head on over using this link to CardMaker.
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you celebrating the American Thanksgiving!
Creatively yours,

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Wonderful Class Resource!

I just have to share a great resource for crafters, Annie's online classes! They have a plethora of classes involving various mediums. I stepped out of my norm and decided to give crochet a try, I truly am a self taught beginner in the crochet world. I really needed some help in order to move forward with this medium. I found this help with an online class taught by a wonderful instructor Ellen Gormley!

This class is called Learn to Crochet! Ellen gives wonderful step by step instruction, inspiration and truly made me feel that I was more than capable! This class is geared to beginners but also takes you to that stage where creating projects is possible and provided. If you would like to learn something new, revisit or refresh yourself in a particular craft or move beyond your present level I would absolutely recommend this class to you. While you are visiting Annie's I encourage you to make use of the free previews available for any class they offer. I also would like to ensure you that my recommendation is based on my own experience and opinions and I am not receiving compensation to complete this review. So head on over to Annie's using this link to take a look!
Creatively yours,