Monday, August 22, 2011

Tea Bag Fold Card

Design ©Sharon M. Reinhart 2011
It seems that many people enjoy the simple but elegant style of card. I have chosen to share this card because it truly is simple.  People assume that tea bag folding is difficult and truly it is not.  Once you have the basic folds and do a couple practice folds you are good to go. This card incorporates a basic triangle fold with an extra fold to create the square shape that becomes the dimensional piece. If you don't have a clue about tea bag folding and you would like to learn more please check out my book Tea Bag Folding Through the Seasons by clicking on the cover shot above right, it has step by step instructions, outlines the basic folds and there are lots of diagrams. Of course if you have a question you can always leave me a comment here. 
This card was finished by layering the folded medallion onto printed script style paper and then a layer of the gold paper. The greeting is a Stampin' Up greeting and then simply punched out.  This is a card that could be used for multiple reasons and seasons, perhaps even a Christmas greeting. Watch for Christmas inspiration coming soon! Hope you like the simplicity of this card. 
Creatively yours,

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