Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Same Supplies three Valentines Cards!

I wanted to invite you to come on over to CardMakers online newsletter where I am sharing info on creating these three valentines from the same set of supplies. This is a great way to kick start the creative process. Choose a set of supplies and by changing the orientation, color layers, and placement of images, see how many different designs you can come up with. I know with life on fast forward at times we all need a method to create our greetings quickly and in an orderly fashion. I often have a difficult time with assembly line cards because I like to change it up, this method allows me to do that but also keeps my creative wanderings under control so that I may complete more cards in less time. So give it a try and head over to CardMaker magazine online newsletter February 6th issue for the how to on the cards shown in this post.
Creatively Yours,

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