Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Delicate Layers & Tea Bag Fold Card

I think the amount of snow we received the past couple days was the inspiration for this card. The snow glistens as if it has been dusted by glitter thus the glitter on this piece. The layers are like the layers of snow we now have and the finished piece could resemble a snowflake as well. This card is created by using the Fleur De Lis  Pendant die by SpellbindersTM, however any pendant die would work. Then the final part is a tea-bag fold creation in the center followed by a pretty pink brad. A couple of sparkling rhinestones can also be found here and there. To build the layers just use a dimensional tape in between, I do like to use the foam mounting tape or squares by 3M. The tea-bag folded rosette was created using a basic fold with circle shapes and then progressing on with a final fold back of the top layer. The basic fold is to fold the circle in half and then again into quarters. Unfold all, re-crease on both lines so very pliable. Holding the circle with the folds in an x shape, push center pieces under and into center to collapse into a pie shape. Fold back top layer aligning with edges (refer to photo).  You need 8 pieces to create one rosette. Then assemble by placing a small piece of tape on the back on one side (stay consistent to the same side), sandwiching one piece between the other. My favorite tape to use for this is the 1/8" wide Scor-tape. For more tea-bag folding projects and instructions please check out my book Tea Bag Folding Through the Seasons.
Creatively Yours,


Quietfire said...

Oh, this is so lovely!!

Sharon M. Reinhart said...

Thanks so much, your comments are truly appreciated!