Monday, November 12, 2012

Christmas Card Inspiration!

Project design ©Sharon M. Reinhart

As promised, here is my card inspired by the Festive Decor Piece shown on the left and posted on November 1st. Instead of re-inventing the wheel I chose elements from the original canvas piece for use on my card. The die-cut letters on the card were inspired by the wooden JOY element (covered with printed cardstock) on the canvas. I used the tea bag fold medallion to represent the O in the word Joy and layered it onto a die-cut shape. The corner motif was accented further with the same glitter glue used on the brads in the center of the tea-bag folded medallions. The final element is the stamped word. So if you find yourself scrambling for design ideas for cards, take a look at some of the other pieces you have made and use elements of it on your cards. My next CardMaker newsletter which goes live on November 26th is all about Christmas Cards and Decor and encouraging you to get more mileage from you designs by using elements of one design to create something else.  I hope you will head to CardMaker magazine and sign up for the free newsletter. The current issue is by Kimber McGray and its all about adding texture to your cards. Check back soon for more holiday creations!
Creatively Yours,


Waseem said...

these are stunning design..i am really inspired by these might helps when use same for Metal business cards

Sharon M. Reinhart said...

Glad you liked the designs!