Monday, June 24, 2013

Thinking of You!

My post today firstly goes out to the people of Calgary and Southern Alberta who have been impacted by the recent unprecedented floods. I have been one of the fortunate ones, yes everyone has been impacted in some way whether it be business, jobs, personal, friends or family that have sustained loss. I say I am fortunate as my home is in an area that if you did not watch the news you wouldn't have known the devastation that was occurring in other areas. I am also fortunate with respect to my family who were also spared. So we do count our blessings today. My thoughts and prayers go out to the thousands who were less fortunate and those families who have also lost loved ones. You have been through a great deal and I know the days to come in the restoration process will be stressful and laborious. On a positive note I would like to extend my appreciation to everyone who has been and will continue to work endlessly for the benefit of the citizens of Calgary and Southern Alberta. Bravo!!
I chose to share this Thinking of You card today as a way of letting the people of Calgary know that "yes, we are thinking of you now and in the days to come as your lives and this city is restored!"

This card has been created using a new line of rubber stamps designed by my friend and fellow designer Ann Butler and manufactured by Unity Stamps. These wonderful gems are collections of one inch and two inch stamps. They are referenced as faux quilting stamps, but as you can see they are great for a variety of techniques, especially tea bag folding. I used a one inch square stamp from the Doily Picnic set along with Chestnut Roan fluid chalk ink for the tea bag fold medallion shown on the left side. Then I used the triangle (half square) for the horizontal decorative strip. Can't wait to get my hands on the two inch stamps as well! Congratulations Ann!
Creatively Yours, Sharon.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Dad's Day Card!

Project Design ©Sharon M. Reinhart

With Father's Day only a week a way I thought I would share this fun and simple Dad's Day Card! When creating cards and often when creating masculine cards, I love to make use of drywall tape to create a textured background. It is one of my favorite products for crafting. Not only is it great to create a mesh look but it is also wonderful used as a stencil in mixed media cards and canvases. The drywall tape is the first layer on this card. Another favorite is smashed bottle caps. I usually purchase the caps at my local grocery store and then I flatten them in my old (lever push style) Sizzix machine, it works perfectly! I have used a Big Shot machine with the Stampin Up bottle caps and it worked great with those. I have not tried the real bottle caps in my Big Shot machine though.
Next, add some layers inside the bottle caps with a punched cardstock circle and stamped letters. Then layer onto a notched strip of cardstock on the card front. To create the notch or tail effect use a die template, square punch or simply a pair of scissors. If I am using scissors I have the most success by cutting a center line about one inch long and then cut from each corner to the center cut, works great. The printed paper is not current but I am sure there are many papers that would work wonderfully with this design. Hope you like it!
Creatively Yours,

Monday, June 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Card!

Project Design Sharon M. Reinhart
Do you ever find yourself in need of a card but your inspiration is on a bit of a break? What do you do? My suggestion is to look at past creations and switch them up a bit. Even if it is a different theme than what you are in need of, it is possible to be inspired by the design. Another option is to use a card that may have been designed initially for a different occasion but will also work wonderfully with just a simple addition. This card is a perfect example, it was originally created with Valentine's in mind however with the addition of the Happy Birthday sentiment it conveys not only my love for the individual but also my wishes for a Happy Birthday. I might just use this one for my wonderful hubby's birthday! The theme on this card was originally based around circles and love, with the circles on the printed paper, the pressure embossed circles and even the circles on the XO stamped image - it was kind of fun to choose a theme like that and then run with it. See, themes can even be simple shapes. Next time you are stuck for an idea or inspiration I hope you give it a try!
Creatively Yours,