Monday, June 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Card!

Project Design Sharon M. Reinhart
Do you ever find yourself in need of a card but your inspiration is on a bit of a break? What do you do? My suggestion is to look at past creations and switch them up a bit. Even if it is a different theme than what you are in need of, it is possible to be inspired by the design. Another option is to use a card that may have been designed initially for a different occasion but will also work wonderfully with just a simple addition. This card is a perfect example, it was originally created with Valentine's in mind however with the addition of the Happy Birthday sentiment it conveys not only my love for the individual but also my wishes for a Happy Birthday. I might just use this one for my wonderful hubby's birthday! The theme on this card was originally based around circles and love, with the circles on the printed paper, the pressure embossed circles and even the circles on the XO stamped image - it was kind of fun to choose a theme like that and then run with it. See, themes can even be simple shapes. Next time you are stuck for an idea or inspiration I hope you give it a try!
Creatively Yours,

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