Friday, November 27, 2015

Chrismtas Cards with Shimmer Sheetz!

As seen in the November 23rd CardMaker Update
Projects and article by Sharon M. Reinhart
Just want to invite you to head on over to CardMaker magazine to view my most recent update. It's is all about making Christmas cards using Shimmer Sheetz! This is a wonderful product that can be used with a variety of techniques. So if you are in need of some inspiration - head on over using this link to CardMaker.
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you celebrating the American Thanksgiving!
Creatively yours,

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Wonderful Class Resource!

I just have to share a great resource for crafters, Annie's online classes! They have a plethora of classes involving various mediums. I stepped out of my norm and decided to give crochet a try, I truly am a self taught beginner in the crochet world. I really needed some help in order to move forward with this medium. I found this help with an online class taught by a wonderful instructor Ellen Gormley!

This class is called Learn to Crochet! Ellen gives wonderful step by step instruction, inspiration and truly made me feel that I was more than capable! This class is geared to beginners but also takes you to that stage where creating projects is possible and provided. If you would like to learn something new, revisit or refresh yourself in a particular craft or move beyond your present level I would absolutely recommend this class to you. While you are visiting Annie's I encourage you to make use of the free previews available for any class they offer. I also would like to ensure you that my recommendation is based on my own experience and opinions and I am not receiving compensation to complete this review. So head on over to Annie's using this link to take a look!
Creatively yours,

Friday, October 23, 2015

Halloween Tags & Treat Bags!

Projects designed by Sharon M. Reinhart as seen in the CardMaker Update
With Halloween just a week away I thought I would share my most recent CardMaker Update with you. This update is a free resource that you may sign up for which will go directly to your inbox. We have two editors alternating the writing of this resource, myself and Kimber McGray. Every three weeks you will receive an update filled with lots of creative information. Head on over to CardMaker now to see my October 12th Volume 9 issue all about Halloween Tags & Treat Bags! Hope you get inspired to create! Don't forget to sign up while you are there!
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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Card Sets!

As shown in CardMaker Update - August 31st issue
 Designs by Sharon M. Reinhart
Just wanted to invite you to view my most recent CardMaker Update about creating card sets.
They make wonderful tokens of appreciation! Head on over to CardMaker Magazine and check out the August 31st update, while you are there I encourage you to browse through the archived issues for a wide variety of update topics.
Creatively yours,

Monday, June 8, 2015

Cards for the Guys!

Projects by Sharon M. Reinhart as seen in the CardMaker Update
Just wanted to invite you to check out my most recent CardMaker Update! It's all about creating cards with the guys in mind and also using some unique supplies. Head on over to CardMaker for the entire article and complete photos!
Creatively yours,

Monday, April 27, 2015

Making Flowers with Die Templates!

As seen in CardMaker Magazine online newsletter
Projects designed by Sharon M. Reinhart
Just wanted to let you know that my most recent CardMaker newsletter is available now and it is all about making flowers using die templates! With Mother's Day approaching there is also some inspiration for your cards in order to celebrate Mom! Head on over to CardMaker Magazine newsletter for the complete article and full pictures!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Easter Cards with Seed Beads!

Designed by Sharon M. Reinhart
As seen in the CardMaker Online Newsletter ©Annie's Publishing
My most recent CardMaker online newsletter went live today and its all about making Easter cards with seed bead accents. Thought I would give you a sneak peek! For the complete article visit CardMaker using this link, this is a free resource so if you haven't signed up yet I encourage you to subscribe while you are there. Every three weeks a new issue will be delivered to subscribers in boxes. As editors (Kimber McGray and myself) alternate the writing of these informative and inspiring articles and there is even a reader feedback form so that you may provide feedback, suggest future topics or even ask for some crafting help. Hope you will join us!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentines Day!!

Project ©Sharon M. Reinhart February 2015

Thought I would share this cute mini canvas, it was created on one of the 5-inch square kids type canvases that has an image printed on them for kids to color. This particular one is from Royal Brush and often available at Michaels. It would work equally as well using a square cardstock card base. I made use of a pocket scrapbooking panel from Simple Stories at the right side along with thread wrapped hearts and a chevron embossed chipboard alphabet letter. The background is a chevron print paper layered onto a robin's egg blue painted canvas. The final touches are red mini heart brads. Hope you like it! Feel free to use this design for personal use but please do not enter for contests or publication.
Creatively Yours,

Monday, February 2, 2015

Valentine Inspiration!

Projects designed by Sharon M. Reinhart as seen in the CardMaker Newsletter
If you are looking for some Valentine Inspiration, I encourage you to head over to CardMaker magazine to see my latest edition of the online newsletter. This is just a little peek, check out the Cardmaker newsletter for complete photos and article. This issue isn't only about Valentine inspiration but it's also about using papers that were created for one occasion for a different one. The other element addressed in this newsletter is using pocket style scrapbooking papers for cards, in particular Simple Stories papers, it is tons of fun! I hope you will check it out and also sign up for this free resource while you are there!
Creatively Yours,